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HOST OF TALKING OUT LOUD A.L.Cooper-Producer/Host of Talking Out Loud is an optimistic realistic who authentically talks out loud about how to overcome when your life seems F@$!ed Up. Her passion for people has made her an ambassador for positive change and her platform is “Be Inspired to Be Extraordinary!” For nearly a decade, she has been in the business of helping people realize their given talents and motivating them to maximize their full potential. Her bold and charismatic personality is the secret behind her success and the magnet that draws many to her.  She is also the face behind the voice of the talk show "Talking Out Loud with A. L. Cooper.” Her outgoing, charming, quick-witted personality is a natural fit for the show and fans love the intelligent and comedic banter between her and the guest. Plainly put, A. L. Cooper is a captivating, entertaining and informative personality who can energize and inspire your audience to be Extraordinary!


CO-HOST OF TALKING OUT LOUD As Managing Partner of THE EPICENTER he reigns King as Founder of Prolifick Radio.  His motto is simple: "WHILE OTHERS TALK, I DO and because of that spirit, some say that his success is due in part to his eclectic and chameleon-like personality.