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Kellyanne Conway Blames Reporter For Picture Of Her Straddling Oval Office Couch







Kellyanne Conway Blames Reporter For Picture Of Her Straddling Oval Office Couch .

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With class, grace, and good taste, former First Lady Michelle Obama chose to pose for her official photo exposing her chiseled physique and toned arms. Conservatives looking for an ax to grind, went nuts. The former First Lady caught hell over the photo:

Critics said Mrs. Obama was too informal, not taking her role seriously, and other comments that made no sense given the dress, presentation of the overall look, and fact that there was nothing about Michelle Obama’s picture that conveyed anything but her beauty, strength, and poise.

Melania Trump previously posed nude. The critics who so harshly shamed an elegantly presented Michelle Obama, have been silent. Many of them have celebrated Melania as the epitome of beauty and attempted to compare her to former First Lady Obama as if the latter is somehow not beautiful when compared to Trump.

If you need more proof that there is a great degree of privilege and certainly a double standard for Caucasian women versus those whose skin is brown, Kellyanne Conway kneeling on a chair in the Oval Office, legs open, should do it for you.

Three women in three roles that represent the United States and three extremely different histories and present day presentations of themselves. While it’s true that all three made choices, Melania had her nude photos categorized as “art” and now, Kellyanne gets to blame the fact that her picture has gone viral for all of the wrong reasons, on the photographer’s dislike of Donald Trump.

Let that sink in.

The photographer however identified his intent with the following statement:

‘I was excited about the picture I’d just taken of the distinguished leaders of the universities that once served as the only institutions people with brown skin could attend. I recognize the impression that the picture has left people with and acknowledge the discomfort my posture may have created for the men directly across from me. I especially want to note that if the picture had captured one of those men staring between my wide-open legs, this would be a totally different conversation.’

She said:

‘This came from a journalist who is not happy that Donald Trump is the President, but I just want people to focus on the great work of the HCBU presidents and how honored we were to have them here.’

Perhaps the most disgusting thing about Kellyanne Conway being so loose with her posture, is the fact that she is in a room that is mostly full of men whose skin is brown. Consider the following context: in 1955 Emmet Till suffered a horrible death that left him unrecognizable because he whistled at a Caucasian female.

Sixty-two years later it has become acceptable for a Caucasian woman who represents the White House to have such little regard for how she presents herself, while the predominantly brown men (and women) around her still have to be extremely careful about how they respond to, and directly address Kellyanne.

If you don’t believe in white privilege, at least believe that Kellyanne Conway is a classless, unprofessional, liar who has now normalized each of those three things. This is the America that the Electoral College decided would be great.

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