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Special Guest Kimberly Cooper CEO of Culture of Fears talks One on One with A.L. Cooper about Sexual Abstinence





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Special Guest Kimberly Cooper CEO of Culture of Fears talks One on One with A.L. Cooper about Sexual Abstinence .

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Kimberly started singing and dancing at an early age performing for her family and with a childhood group called Birdie and the Birdies and later she began singing with her home church and a community choir called Gift. Kimberly wanted to branch out and explore, so she sang in a local beach band. In 1994 Kimberly caught the acting bug and became a member of the Musical Beehive at the Greenville Little Theatre in Greenville, SC. where she drew laughter from her rendition of Ike Turner. Kimberly became a licensed Minister in 1999, where her desire is to reach out to the wounded women. In 2002-2003 Kimberly produced, directed and performed in Ten Virgins, a Hammond Production at the J Vern Theatre in Greenville, SC. Then realizing how much she missed acting, she returned back to the stage of the Greenville Little Theatre in 2007 in “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

In 2004 God gave Kimberly a vision to create and produce a One Woman Show where three generations of women describe their story, their struggle and their triumph. Kimberly has had the distinct pleasure of performing this production at different events, family reunions, church functions and RU Skooled sponsored by Chiccy Baritone. In Nov 2013 Kimberly written, produced, and performed in her first dinner Theater. Kimberly is spiritually covered by Pastor Wendell Jones of Changing Your Mind Ministry where she’s a member. She also receives great encouragement and support from her friends and family who are the source of her eagerness to use her God given talent to spread the Good News!

Kimberly received a certificate in Industrial Technology-Communication Technology and an Associate in Business Administration and she is in roll with the Upstate Bible Institute, of Greenville, SC, where she lives. Kimberly encourages all that God loves them and He’s a restorer for your life!


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